ReachUp is a family-centered intervention service in Northern Sydney that provides high quality, evidence based programs and therapies for individuals aged 0-18 years with a disability or developmental delay and their families.

ReachUp specialises in providing support in behaviour management, social and communication skills, learning/special education. All our programs are based on positive behaviour support strategies which aim to support individuals to share in family and community life and ensure they ReachUp to their full potential. We recognise the integral role parents play as the paramount experts of their child and in providing continuity of education and care to their children. For this reason ReachUp works in partnership with all of our families to effectively guide, empower and support them in their journey with their children.

Therapy Team

Sarah Barker

Social Worker and Behaviour Therapist

Sarah is an experienced social worker and behaviour therapist with a passion to work with children and adolescents with disabilities. She holds a masters degree in social work and a bachelor in psychology and brain behaviour.

Sarah takes a very practical and tailored approach when working with individuals and their families. Her strategies are based on the “positive behaviour support model” which focuses on positive and proactive behaviour change. Her therapeutic interventions increase and strengthen helpful behaviours through positive reinforcement and minimise challenging behaviours.

Sarah helps families to be more proactive in anticipating where things may go wrong and help parents and carers identify and manage triggers instead of negatively reacting to difficult situations and/or behaviours.

As children’s behaviours are often learned through their interactions with their environment, Sarah helps parents develop strategies which positively reinforce acceptable behaviours and minimise the re-occurring of less desirable behaviours.

Sarah has additional training and draws on evidence-based programs such as – The Triple P Program, 123 Magic, Circle of influence and transitioning to school.

Sarah works with a range of behaviours such as:

  • Temper- Tantrums, Toilet Training,
  • Defiance/compliance and back-chatting,
  • School refusal,
  • Anxiety and Trauma,
  • Poor or disrupted sleep
  • Fussy eating,
  • Transition to school and every day independence skills

Lindsay Gibson

Speech Pathologist

Lindsay Gibson is an experienced speech therapist. Lindsay studied speech therapy and audiology in South Africa and graduated with an honours degree in 2003. She has been in Australia with her family since 2016 and is a Certified Practicing Member of Speech Pathology Australia. Lindsay has over 15 years of experience working in schools and in private practice, with children with a variety of communication and literacy needs. She has a very personal interest in disability and Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Lindsay takes a very hands on approach when working with children and their families. Her speech therapy sessions increase and strengthen communication through positive reinforcement and praise.

Lindsay is also available to conduct Speech and Language screeners at preschools to help families and teachers make decisions regarding necessary intervention before children head off to primary school.

Elena Rozhkova

Recreation Coordinator/Therapy Assistant

Elena Rozhkova has a Bachelor Degree in Linguistics and just finished her Master in Management in Australia. She used to be a primary teacher and is experienced in working with children and teenagers. She is a very empathetic and kind person and always dreamed to work and help people. She loves her family and enjoys spending time with them. As a support worker, she can see that today almost everyone needs to have someone around who can listen to or advise something and help. Elena has her own child and knows very well that kids are so different and sometimes it is very challenging to build the bond with them. But there is something that every child can understand and it is love. So she believes that love and support of such teams like Reach Up can help children to reach their goals in life and can make their families be happy.

Support Team

Aurora Carter

Aurora Carter is studying a Bachelor of Arts at the moment and has experience as a nanny and babysitter. She is keen on cheerleading
and enjoys going to the beach and reading. She loves her friends and family and as a support worker, Aurora views relationships with children and their family is the most important part. She believes in the sense of fulfilment and connection the job brings to her life.

Paola Vieira

Paola Vieira is a Brazilian psychologist currently studying community services in Australia. She has experience in the disability sector for 1.5 years with both children and adults. Paola loves to support people and feel the purpose in her job, she is very passionate in helping people to achieve their goals, use their potential and live their best life.

Changsuk (Charlie) Lee

Charlie Lee studied Diagnostic Radiography and has a huge experience in hospitals and private practices. Charlie also was a support worker whilst studying. Charlie has worked in homes of children with complex needs. Charlie appreciates precious experience in terms of communication, problem solving and empathy that he gets as a support worker. He feels he can make a strong relationship with his clients and bring positive changes to their life. Charlie also loves to be a meaningful person in people’s lives. He is very proud of himself to work with children who need more care, attention and patience and be able to work for their better welfare.

Gabriela Cioccari Santos

Gabriela Cioccari Santos has a degree in Psychology and in Problems of development in childhood and adolescence. She worked as a Psychologist in Brazil for 7 years, supporting teenagers and helping children with disabilities. She is very active, loves to go to the beach and play volleyball. Gabriela believes all people are diverse and have a different history, so it might be challenging to work with them sometimes. But she values to be connected with people and explore and learn new things every day.

Lucien Tran

Lucien Tran was born in France and moved to Australia 6 years ago. Currently, he is studying electrical engineering in Sydney. Lucien has experience as a support worker and as he loves outdoor activities he has volunteered as a coach for a badminton and soccer team. Lucien has a contagious amount of energy that the children really thrive on. Lucien states that interaction with people and forming a bond with clients are very important things in his work. Of course, like every job, working with people with disabilities can be challenging, but it is really rewarding for Lucien to see his clients happy and to be part of their lives.

Tasha Allen

Tasha Allen is currently studying a Bachelor of Advanced Science. She has a huge experience working with teenagers and children including babysitting, nannying, coaching, support worker and tutoring. Tasha is a very active person and she loves to sing and play the guitar, she currently complete elite cheerleading team in Macquarie University. Tasha loves noticing how special every child is and how significant a support worker’s bond can be with the children the support. This is very fun and enjoyable work for her and she loves to make a positive difference in the lives of the children and families she works with. Working with children is very meaningful for Tasha and she holds every child close to her heart. She is grateful for the opportunity to really improve someone’s quality of life and believes that they do the same to her.

Toby Saint

Toby Saint considers his job as a very motivating and meaningful. As an experienced in working with children, he focuses a lot on playtime and games. He believes that it is extremely important for their overall health to have someone with whom they can play and relax with. Toby always tries to be friendly and encompass everything children want: someone to play with, someone to learn from, someone to talk to and someone to listen to them. He wants to be that person who can facilitate what children need and help them to feel better and know new things through games. That can be challenging sometimes when trying to figure out what a certain child likes or what they are trying to convey but Toby is sure that it is all part of the learning process and it is also the opportunity for him to learn more about the children.


Milena Flower

Milena Flower has 4 years of working experience with children of different age groups. She is enthusiastic, bubbly and loves working with kids. She is keen on the beach and being in the water, Millie believes you’ll never be unhappy when you’re in the ocean. The most important thing for her is to have the best life, experience everything and learn from it. Millie considers a support worker job is the best job ever as you can see kids grow, how they improve, smile and enjoying themselves. Of course, there are some challenges here, but patience and perseverance is key.

Nickolas Harcourt Brodie

Nickolas Harcourt Brodie is a psychology student at the University of Sydney and has a two years experience as a support worker. He has a keen sense of social justice and he wants to help people who are disadvantaged in society. Nick enjoys making difference in children’s and their parent’s lives. He is sure that different challenges in work only help to make it more fun and interesting. In Nick’s spare time he enjoys rock climbing and video games.

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ReachUp’s programs and services can be funded using your child’s NDIS package. Below you will find a list of our NDIS services which can be funded through NDIS. If at any time you have a question about using NDIS funding at ReachUp feel free to contact us!

Behaviour Support - Improved Daily Living or Improved Relationships

Family Support - Improved Daily Living or Support Co-ordination

Recreation Program - Core Support or Improved Daily living or Increased Social and Community Participation.

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