Behaviour Support can help with children who find learning difficult. If learning is difficult for your child, then your child’s behaviour might become challenging.

What is Behaviour Support?

Behaviour Support can help with children who find learning difficult. If learning is difficult for your child, then your child’s behaviour might become challenging. Behaviour Support Specialists can assist you in at home, at school or out in the community – for example, at the shops. Behaviour support aims to reduce challenging behaviours and replace it with more productive behaviours and strategies to use in day to day life.


We can come to you and your child. Your child needs to learn skills in the environments most helpful for them. Providing therapy and supports in your child’s home or school setting ensures we are more quickly able to affect meaningful change and equip them with the skills most important to you and your child. Our programs are individualised and are based on your family and your child’s priorities, strengths and needs.


Home based therapy has many benefits. First, it is more comfortable for your child to be in an environment most familiar to them. Second, it allows us to help you teach your child skills in the environment in which they need them most. Finally, working at home allows us to work on a broader range of skills, including self-help skills.

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At ReachUp we use a combination of informal and formal assessments to identify your child’s strengths, difficulties and behaviours of concern. A behaviour assessment typically starts with observation of your child at home. When appropriate, we will also observe your child at their early childhood or school setting. Following observation, we liaise with your child’s therapeutic and educational professionals to be sure we have a complete and clear picture of your child.

Assessment occurs across a variety of areas, including:

  • Behaviours of concern
  • Play skills
  • Self-help skills
  • Learning skills, such as attention and following instructions.

The Plan Begins

Once we have identified your child’s profile of strengths and difficulties, we collaborate with you to identify the goals for therapy, which forms the basis of our intervention plan. During this process, we will ask you to identify the skills and/or behaviours that are the priority to work both in the short and long term.

During sessions, we will directly target the functional goals for your child. Goals may include one or more of the following:

  • Reducing behaviour of concern across environments
  • Improving transitions
  • Implementing a routine at home to increase independent engagement
  • Improving mealtime behaviour including fussy eating
  • Capacity building parents and other people involved to manage challenging behaviours when they arise.

Educational Settings


With the right support, all children can learn together.

Supporting children in their early childhood settings such as daycares and preschools provides us a valuable opportunity to increase skills with their age appropriate peers.   It also enables us to support the early childhood teachers in teaching your child vital school readiness skills.

Goals for preschool/childcare support may include:

  • Reducing behaviour of concern
  • Improving transitions between activities
  • Improving participation in group times (e.g. group time).
  • Sharing and turn taking
  • Initiating play with others but also responding to play initiations from peers.


The transition to ‘big school’ presents new challenges for children. The school environment can often be larger, noisier and more demanding for children. Children are expected to engage in routines and follow instructions from teachers with some degree of independence.

School observations help us to understand how your child is functioning in their school environment. This allows us to provide your child’s teachers with strategies to improve their ‘Learning to learn’ skills. Goals for school sessions may include:

  • Reducing behaviour of concern

  • Following instructions

  • Sitting and listening

  • Task completion

  • Working or participating in a group

We collaborate with your child’s teacher every step of the way to ensure that their goals align with the New South Wales K-10 Syllabus and with their Individual Education Plan (IEP).

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ReachUp’s programs and services can be funded using your child’s NDIS package. Below you will find a list of our NDIS services which can be funded through NDIS. If at any time you have a question about using NDIS funding at ReachUp feel free to contact us!

Behaviour Support - Improved Daily Living or Improved Relationships

Family Support - Improved Daily Living or Support Co-ordination

Recreation Program - Core Support or Improved Daily living or Increased Social and Community Participation.

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